10 Reasons to Choose General and Business Transcription Work Instead of Medical Transcription

1. Work from home
2. Great income potential
3. Plenty of work available4You don’t need special training or certificate
5You don’t need to know medical terminology
6You can start working almost immediately 
7. Flexible hours and workload 
8. Easy and inexpensive to start9Get clients nationwide (and even worldwide) 
10. Slower turnaround time than medical transcription

The General and Business Transcription
Biz-In-A-Box Start-Up Kit
The general and business transcription start-up kit makes it easy for you to get started. I’ll take you step-by-step and show you how to get started. You’ll get all the insider information you’ll need to get transcription work from home and become a successful transcriptionist. By learning from my experience, you will become successful a lot faster than I did.
The four parts include:
  • Part I: Book: The Insider Guide to General Transcription Work
  • Part II: Samples
  • Part III: Promotional Materials, Agreements, Templates and Forms
  • Part IV: Transcription Resources

Click here to order the General Transcription Biz-In-A-Box – RISK-FREE!

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