2020 Officer of the Year: Emily Schmidt

AAPC Chapter Association Board of Directors recognizes Schmidt and others who were nominated.

The AAPC Chapter Association Board of Directors (AAPCCA BOD) is honored to announce Emily Schmidt, CPC, CPC-P, CDEO, CPMA, CRC, CPC-I, as your 2020 Officer of the Year. Schmidt is currently the education officer for the Daytona Beach local chapter and has served in the past as secretary and president. She is a coding and audit manager at Conviva Care Solutions.

When nominating Schmidt, Sara Ragan, CPC, CPMA, CRC, CFPC, 2020-21 chapter president, enthused, “Without a doubt, the Officer of the Year distinction should go to Emily Schmidt.” She went on to say that Schmidt has spent many hours of her time serving her AAPC community, but also went above and beyond to support Ragan both personally and professionally. When Ragan’s oldest child died the week of her election as president, Schmidt was there to help Ragan through her grief, help her begin her term, and further assist when COVID-19 hit a few months later. Ragan noted, “Emily’s expertise in teaching helped our chapter segue into the online world with very few issues. In fact, we were able to have MORE meetings in 2020 than ever before and had our highest attendance ever!”

Schmidt was blindsided by the win when her name was called live at HEALTHCON in March. “I don’t serve as an officer for attention, accolades, or awards,” said Schmidt. “I do it because I love this industry, and it’s my desire to help others find the same sense of community, satisfaction, and fulfillment that I’ve found in my own career and in my own experiences within the chapter. I do it for you. I love being involved with you in the local chapter and consider it a true honor to serve you as an officer.”

Ragan gives credit to Schmidt for being a voice of reason, kindness, and support — making 2020 a successful year for the Daytona Beach chapter. “Emily is the epitome of a mentor,” Ragan said. “I depend on her and trust her. I could not have been the officer I needed to be this year without Emily Schmidt.”

Recognizing Runners Up

While we can only select one Officer of the Year, we want to thank all of you for going above and beyond in your officer roles. Your dedication has been noticed.

Barbara Davis, CPC, CPB, Altoona, Pennsylvania

Tammy Hinish, CPC, CRC, nominated Davis. Hinish said about Davis, “Aside from her own health issues, starting a new job, and her husband’s health issues, Barb is always willing and able to help the other officers with questions and even their officer duties. Barb runs our monthly Zoom meetings, as well as trial meetings with presenters when needed. Barb proctors exams and keeps track of when ADA exams are needed. Barb is just overall helpful, dedicated, sweet, kind, and compassionate. Barb truly cares for the members of our chapter.”

Monique Hayden, CPC, Newport, Vermont

Mary Hoffman nominated Hayden. Hoffman said about Hayden, “Focused and driven to keep her chapter intact and functioning during the pandemic, Monique not only assumed the responsibilities of the education officer, but spent many hours communicating with chapter members. Willing to share her skills with other members willing to become officers, she remains in the background assisting, mentoring, and allowing the new officers to learn their roles. She is always available to answer questions and assist as the need arises. She is an outstanding officer and a very positive influence on those that surround her.”

Ann Doreen Boivin, CPC, Portland, Maine

Mary Hoffman nominated Boivin. Hoffman said about Boivin, “Doreen is a valuable asset to her chapter and mentors not only other officers in their respective roles but other members of the chapter to be able to attain their specific goals and improve their performance. Through her active listening skills and thoughtful approach to each issue identified, she readily researches the issues and communicates her thoughts and opinions in a non-biased, non-judgmental approach that allows the situation to be resolved appropriately. She has been instrumental in helping the leadership within the chapter grow with each officer’s ability to handle challenges with a more balanced, positive response. She is indeed an extraordinary individual and an outstanding role model for all who have the extreme pleasure of working with her.”

Robin Goudy, CPC, CRC, Smyrna, Georgia

Stephanie Booker, CPC-A, CRC, nominated Goudy. Booker said about Goudy, “She continues to evolve to enhance our chapter and to utilize the knowledge she gained to improve her development. Robin is a special individual that truly believes in personal development. She mentors others with knowledge that she has obtained. Robin is that true friend you can count on to listen, offer support, remember your birthday, seek ways to improve the quality of the chapter meetings, and seek continuously to grow our chapter membership. She encourages others to get involved and she has demonstrated this skill by being an outstanding example herself.”

Kathleen Perkins-Lee, CPC, CIRCC, Phoenix, Arizona

Becky Koch, CPC, CPMA, nominated Perkins-Lee. Koch said about Perkins-Lee, “Kathleen has been an officer for numerous years and stepped up when our secretary moved out of state last year. She had served prior to that in 2019 in the same position. She has been the officer that handles teaching our review class and enjoys helping others. She steps up any time we need to fill in a speaker, too. She is always enthusiastic in her speaking and encouraging of our members and students. Any time a member needs anything, Kathleen is there, willing to help. She has been an amazing officer to work with. She definitely upholds all of the qualities, ethics, and professionalism that we as members want to see in an officer.”

Corrie Alvarez, CPC, CPMA, CRC, CPC-I, CEDC, CEMC, Mission Hills, California

Elizabeth Beaver, CPC-A, nominated Alvarez. Beaver said about Alvarez, “She has always been there to step in and up for the chapter or any other chapter if needed as a speaker, a proctor, to assist members with job opportunities, coding help, and mentoring officers. She has become my mentor by her knowledge, dedication, and professional expertise. She is a true inspiration not only to our Mission Hills chapter but to the entire coding community.”

Many Thanks!

The AAPCCA congratulates all of the nominees and thanks you for all you have done to support our local chapters. If you know an outstanding local chapter officer, please consider nominating them for 2021 Officer of the Year. #weareAAPC

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