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This 108 page, step-by-step, easy to understand and put into action guide is endorsed by medical billing business experts, course instructors and software vendors.

The Medical Billing Home Business Bible Customer Review
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Home Based Medical Billing Business Books Review

Reviewed by Mr. Trent Warner on April 15, 2012.

This ebook on how to start a home based medical billing business is a Must Read! I found it to be very – very informative, the info is worth more than what I paid for it, it’s tech talk free and is even funny at times. I give the author and ebook 5 stars because it is definitely the best book I have read on the subject in 2012.

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If you are new to the billing industry or you only have an inkling as to what you’re getting into the road to starting a work from home medical billing career can be a daunting one. If you don’t have the right guidance or a mentor I can guarantee that the likelihood of you being taken advantage of by online medical billing courses, software vendors, MB opportunity vendors, clearinghouses, marketing companies, etc., is extremely high because they know the vast majority of people that enter this industry have done minimal research at best.

You Won’t Have To Worry About Any Of That…

The medical billing books team put this $27 no-fluff medical billing manual together for you so you’ll know every aspect you need and must know about to become a successful home based medical biller! Here’s how we help you do it?

1) First you’ll learn what medical billing is,

2) How it’s done professionally in an office and from a home based environment,

3) You’ll learn how to break down of all the business start up steps and their costs,

4) You’ll combined what you’ve learned with the wisdom/experiences of successful medical billers and,

5) Lastly you’ll learn with the use of printable medical billing contracts, MB business agreements, fee and payment structures, marketing fliers, face-to-face and phone interview scripts, and other forms you must become familiar with so you can achieve results quickly!

Who Am I & Why Should You Follow My Advice?

My name is Paul and it’s a pleasure to meet you! I’ve been in the home based medical billing, coding and transcription industry for over a decade and have single handedly helped hundreds of people just like you to start their own home based medical billing business.

Today I am also the author of the internet’s #1 fully printable and immediately downloadable $27 – 108 page startup manual that’s filled from beginning to end with easy to implement techniques, with no sugar coating, false promises, misleading info or unfounded hype.

I have earned my trust and expert status within this industry by only giving useful and truthful information about this field. I am referenced all over the internet from article directories to medical billing forums so you can’t call me a “QUACK” or “Scam Artist” and that’s why my past business clients/associates/peers and ebook customers have dubbed me “The Medical Billing, Coding and Transcription Mastermind”.

Look At The Powerhouse Medical Billing Organizations And Work From Home Experts That Highly Recommend You Read The Medical Billing Books For Beginners:
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Medical Billing Scam Watch Bulletin Board
Billing And Coding Advantage Magazine
American Medical Billing Association
Practice Management Networking Community
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Quality Medical Billing Services Website
Med Office Solutions Website
Medical Billing and Practice Management Software Website
Business Owners Idea Cafe
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The Dabbling Mum and
The Clerical Connection

No expert would sacrifice their reputation by recommending a SCAM so you can put aside any fears you have!
(You can either immediately download this ebook along with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee or


You Get Definitive Answers To…
Any Questions You Have And The Questions You Didn’t Know You Should Be Asking Like:

1) Is the home based medical billing business industry over-saturated?

2) Can I start this business without any prior healthcare experience?

3) What will it cost me to start a work from home medical billing career?

4) How long will it take me to get up and running?

5) How much money can I expect to make as a home based medical biller?

6) How do I correctly set up my business entity in the eyes of the law?

7) What is HIPAA and how does it impact me as a medical biller?

8) Which website lists all the medical billing scam companies I must avoid?

9) How do I choose the best medical billing training courses?

10) How do I evaluate and choose the best clearinghouse for my business?

11) Where do I go to download medical billing software demo’s?

12) What are medical billing opportunity packages, where do I find them and should I invest in one?

13) Which websites should I frequent to get additional examples of medical billing contracts, HIPAA rules, marketing and sales fliers, compliance plans, telephone marketing scripts, face-to-face marketing scripts and any other forms that I need to be familiar with.

14) What additional hardware and software will I need to run my daily operation more smoothly?

15) What 3 medical billing services at a minimum should I offer to potential clients?

16) How much should I charge clients for my services?

17) Where will I find the contact information of physicians so I can market my services to them?

18) What must I do and say to convince doctors and their staff to secure their business?

19) How do I increase the amount I earn from the client’s I already have?

20) What kinds of paperwork will I need to bring on an interview to ensure the signing process goes smoothly?

21) Where do I go to network with more seasoned medical billing business owners and other medical billing professionals?

22) What secret insider tips and tricks can I use to better my odds of success?

The Above Is A Very Small Sample Of Questions You Need Answers To and Only This $27 Medical Billing Manual Is Qualified To Give You The In-Depth Answers You Need.

Here’s What One Medical Billing Business Expert, Forum Leader and Home Based Medical Billing Business Owner Had To Say After Reading This Medical Billing eBook…
(This professional/personal endorsement was given freely and no compensation was offered)

Good Afternoon Paul,

First, I would like to tell you that you are the reason why I have not been to bed since yesterday morning. I spent the night with your book and trust me going thru it with a fine-toothed comb because before I recommend any product I have to be absolutely without a doubt in my mind that it is a quality and good product.

At first I just wanted to read a few pages, but I found myself so engrossed that I couldn’t stop reading.

I was pleasantly surprised and amazed at how easy it was to follow, I felt as if I was at a seminar and you were standing right in front of me, you’re very friendly and personable and I noticed you have quite a sense of humor. The step-by-step outline of the book equally impressed me and I felt that if I was someone who was thinking about doing medical billing from home I would have my questions answered with this book. Hey I even learned a thing or two I didn’t know.

Your medical billing book is the only one to date so far that I have read that HONESTLY and accurately outlines and answers specific questions about our field and doesn’t sugar coat anything or make false promises to the reader.

I have decided to promote your medical billing beginners book as well as the other medical billing books you have here within my websites because they are such wonderful products.

You’ve done a great job!

Sandra L. Swies, HRS.
President-SES Physicians Management
President of the Medical Billing Help Center
Ex-Moderator of the Ivillage Medical Billing Message Board

Medical Billing Books Download Link – $27

You’re Covered By A Full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and Can Immediately Download Item Via Secure Servers 24 Hours A Day

The Medical Billing Books For Beginners Is NOT Only For Beginners:


Even the most experienced medical billers, coders and insurance specialists in the workplace are not aware of what must be done to start a medical billing business from home, what the legal ramifications of operating a business are or about the financial obligations of owning a business but the medical billing books team breaks it all down in easy to understand, easy to follow instructions and in non-technical terms!

A 7 Year Hospital Employee Said…
(Allen/Jammie mailed us this testimonial and gave us permission to use it but they were not compensated for sharing their opinion)

Howdy Paul,

My wife and I found your information very interesting and worth far MORE than what we paid for it. I have been in the billing industry for 7 years now and I wanted to stop working for people so I started searching the internet looking for any advice that I could find.

My wife visited a highly respected and active medical billing forum and was referred to your medical billing books website.

I am overjoyed that we found your website because we learned exactly what it will take for us to take the knowledge and experience I already possess and turn that into a profitable business that we will be proud to own. I thank you for writing such a great home based medical billing business resource!

Allen and Jammie Childs
Houston, Texas

Were you referred here by a medical billing organization or medical billing professional? They ONLY did so because they TRUST in the quality of advice contained within the medical billing books for beginner’s so Listen To Them and…

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