NYC Is the Place to Be for Coding and Compliance Education

NYC Is the Place to Be for Coding and Compliance Education

AAPC’s Regional Conference in New York City (Aug. 19-21) is a must for anyone who works in the business of healthcare such as medical coders, billers, and auditors. There will be opportunities galore for education, networking, vendor resources – all at a venue that can’t be beat.

This year’s lineup of speakers includes Marianne Durling, MHA, RHIA, CPC, CCS, CDIP, CPCO, CIC, CPC-I.

Durling has been involved in some aspect of healthcare for over 38 years, including clinical patient care, insurance, auditing, and health information management (HIM). Her diverse healthcare background led her to Duke University Health System, where she works as an associate compliance officer. She has created several college degree programs, and she works with AAPC in curriculum and credential development. Durling is also a member of the AAPC HEALTHCON Education Committee.

A true believer in higher education, Durling has a master’s degree in healthcare administration, a post-baccalaureate certificate in health information administration, a bachelor’s degree in health sciences management, and an associate degree in health professions.

AAPC interviewed Durling about her upcoming presentation, Clinical Research Coding and Billing, at the 2020 Regional Conference in NYC.

AAPC: What is your presentation about?

Durling: This session will cover coding and compliance issues around clinical trials and research billing. We will review all types of research projects and the regulations around each. Our goal is to help create a well-rounded compliance office with the necessary resources to stay current. This session will be beneficial for those working in compliance, as well as those looking to move into compliance roles.

AAPC: Why is this information important?

Durling: The clinical research arena is highly regulated and currently under scrutiny by the various regulatory bodies. It is imperative to keep up to date on the requirements to remain compliant. If you are considering moving into this area of coding or revenue cycle management (RCM), this is an important session to attend to help you understand all the nuances and differences from regular RCM processes.

AAPC: What let you to choose this topic?

Durling: As an Associate Compliance Officer, I work closely with our research team, so I’m well aware of the differences in the regulatory and coding requirements for proper research billing. This is a very interesting and different topic to present at conference.

AAPC: What are the key takeaways?

Durling: Attendees will gain three key takeaways from this session:

Certified Professional Medical Auditor

  • Learn the different types of clinical research projects.
  • Learn the regulatory requirements around clinical research coding and billing.
  • Understand the areas of concerns around clinical research to ensure compliance.

See you in the Big Apple!

Renee Dustman

Renee Dustman

Executive Editor at AAPC

Renee Dustman, BS, AAPC MACRA Proficient, is an executive editor at AAPC. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Communications – Journalism. Renee has more than 20 years experience in print production and content management. Follow her on Twitter @dustman_aapc.

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