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What does the solution offer you

Patients Management

Manage all your Outpatients. Patients are quickly accessible by typing parts of their name.

Medical Records

Document all your encounters in as much detail as you want. Store vitals, lab results, prescriptions and other. All records are fully searchable for easy retrieval.

Medical Billing

Issue invoices and receipts from the medical records, and overview your finances. Additionally you have support for copayers and integrated inventory system. Read More

Collaboration & Security

Collaborate live with your team of medics and assistants. Use the permissions module to define what each user has access to, or what can he modify. Read More

Email&SMS Communication

Stay in touch with your patients and send appointment confirmation requests. Read More

Calendars & Checkins

Keep track of your appointments and check out your team’s calendar. With Checkins, always know which patients are in the waiting room and how late they are.
Read More


In the Pharmacy module, the pharmacists can dispense prescribed and prepaid drugs or sell not prescribed medication, as they have permissions. Read More


The Laboratory module allows the lab staff to enter lab tests in the database. The completed tests will be available automatically to the medics on the case. Read More

Documents & Imaging

Document Management and Imaging is integrated with the medical records. Supports any document type and handles inline preview and editing for the common ones.


Purchases & Inventory

Supply your company through the Purchases module. You can manage the purchases, invoices and use returns and credit notes in relation to your suppliers.


Reports & Statistics

Take control of your business with better reporting. You have available both medical reports and financial reports that can be exported or printed.


Tablets and Smartphones

Browse your medical database from your tablet or smartphone, with the included viewer app.

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