Starting A Successful Medical Billing Service At Home

Let Medical Billing Expert, Vanessa Best, Help You Get Started The Right Way!

How many times have you wanted to start your own business, only to find opportunities that scammed you and stole your money? How many times have you wondered where the legitimate home-based business opportunities are? How many times do you wish you could you tell someone that you were able to succeed by taking advantage of an opportunity you saw on the Internet? How many times…All the time! You probably think it would be a miracle to find something where someone wasn’t trying to trick you, or take your money, or otherwise deceive you. In fact, you’ve probably had this happen to you so many times that you’ve been brainwashed into thinking there’s nothing good left.

Well guess what? There are good opportunities still out there, and there are ways to start your own home business and make an honest income while you manage all the other responsibilities in your life.

One of these opportunities is starting your own medical billing business. Now before you start kicking and shouting that you don’t know what that is or that you don’t have experience doing it, just take a second to learn about it and consider the benefits.

The concept is simple: There are doctors and there are patients. When a patient sees a doctor, he or she must pay a bill for the services the doctor provides. But what many people so easily forget about is the legwork involved before the patient ever sees the bill. Many times doctors and insurance companies go back and forth several times before the bill is even correct!

Doctors are busy. They don’t have the time to process bills and sort through paperwork all day, and neither do their staff members. So they outsource their patients’ bills and let someone else take care of the work.

It is at this moment, precisely, when they will turn to the experience and knowledge of someone who has already started their own medical billing business. Someone like you! You can be the one they turn to, and you can get there just by reading and applying the principles in the simple how-to E-book “How to Jumpstart A Successful Medical Billing Service” by medical billing expert Vanessa Best.

You’ll get step-by-step answers to questions like:

  • Do I need experience to start a medical billing business?
  • Do I need to go to college or can I take an online course?
  • What do I need to know to get started?
  • How much money should I invest to get started?
  • What equipment is required?
  • Do I need to be certified?
  • How do I select a name for my business?
  • How do I decide what to charge?
  • Should my charge be an hourly fee or based on number of claims or a percentage?
  • How do I get my first client?
  • How can I sell myself and market my services to a doctor inexpensively?
  • What do I say to the ‘gatekeeper’ or front desk person to get to the doctor?
  • What are the best clients to market?
  • What are the benefits of a doctor using a billing service?
  • How do I get the work from them?
  • What is HIPAA?
  • What impact do privacy laws have on my business?
  • Do I need a business associate’s agreement?
  • Do I need a Web site?
  • Where can I find contracts and agreements for my new clients?
  • How do I select software and how much should I expect to spend?
  • What is a clearinghouse and how to I select one?

Let’s not play tricks here. Starting your own business is hard work, and of course you need time to devote and strategies to market clients so that you’ll make money. The medical billing business is no different.

What makes the advice of Vanessa Best any better than the oodles of resources online tackling how to start your own medical billing service?

It’s the extensive experience, know-how, and accomplishments that she brings to the field of medical billing. Here’s a look at her various roles and accomplishments:

  • President and CEO of Precision HealthCare Consultants, a full-service billing consulting firm and HIPAA compliance company that provides on-site and remote consultation and development of healthcare professional office management services including medical billing, billing software, electronic medical records implementation, training and support services
  • Over 20 years of medical office experience in areas from claims processing and adjudication to full-service medical practice management
  • Successful instructor of billing and medical coding classes at several colleges in the New York metropolitan area, including Long Island University, Molloy College, and Queensborough Community College
  • Keynote speaker at the 1999 Nations Bank Entrepreneurs Conference; Certified Coder as credentialed through Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and the American Health Information Management (AHIMA); and Member of NAFE (National Association of Female Executives)
  • Medical billing business accomplishments featured in Home Business Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, and Small Business Opportunities Magazine; Recipient of “2003 40 Under 40 Achievement Award” from the Network Journal

This is a lot of experience! Clearly you can’t be steered wrong when you purchase Ms. Best’s E-book, “How to Jumpstart A Successful Medical Billing Service”, for just $29.99.

After all, starting your own medical billing business could be the best thing for you. What’s $29.99 compared to the money you’ll make once your business is up and running? The advice, tools, strategies, and information in “How to Jumpstart A Successful Medical Billing Service” are invaluable, and you can’t afford to be without them.

Click Here to order your copy of Vanessa Best’s “How to Jumpstart A Successful Medical Billing Service” for the low price of $29.99 and watch your medical billing business take flight. You won’t be disappointed, so act now!

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