Take the CPT® 2020 5-Question Challenge

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January 1 is bringing roughly 400 CPT® code changes. See if you’re ready with this quick medical coding quiz, including links to previous SuperCoder blog posts where you can find the answers.

Start Here With the Questions for 2020 Code Changes

Question 1: CPT® 2020 is introducing new online digital evaluation and management (E/M) codes for established patients. Which code will apply to 11-20 minutes of cumulative time over seven days?

A. 99421

B. 99422

C. 99423

D. 99444

Question 2: In 2020, acute abdomen X-ray code 74022 will include which of the following in the revised descriptor?

A. “2 or more views of the abdomen (eg, supine, erect, decubitus), and a single view chest”

B. “scout abdominal radiograph(s) and delayed image(s), when performed”

C. “multiple studies at rest and stress (exercise or pharmacologic)”

D. “double-contrast study”

Question 3: New duplex scan codes 93985 and 93986 will represent vessel assessment before:

A. percutaneous coronary intervention

B. aortic aneurysm repair

C. creation of hemodialysis access

D. lower limb angioplasty

Question 4: Which CPT® 2020 code or codes will represent the technical component of electroencephalography (EEG) services?

A. 95700-95716

B. 95717-95726

C. 95827

D. 95950, 95951

Question 5: Which graft code does NOT involve preparation by centrifuging lipoaspirate to separate fat from blood and oils?

A. +15774

B. 15773

C. 15771

D. 20926

Are You Up to Date for 2020? Check Your Answers Here

Answer 1: B. In 2020, you can use 99422 to represent 11-20 minutes of online digital E/M services for an established patient. Code 99421 applies to five to 10 minutes and 99423 applies to 21 or more minutes. Code 99444 will be deleted for 2020.

Answer 2: A. The CPT® 2020 code set will revise the end of the code descriptor for 74022 from “complete acute abdomen series, including supine, erect, and/or decubitus views, single view chest” to “complete acute abdomen series, including 2 or more views of the abdomen (eg, supine, erect, decubitus), and a single view chest.”

Answer 3: C. For duplex scan of arterial inflow and venous outflow for preoperative assessment before creation of hemodialysis access, CPT® 2020 will offer 93985 for a complete bilateral study and 93986 for a complete unilateral study.

Answer 4: A. CPT® 2020 adds 95700-95716 for the technical component and 95717-95726 for the professional component for long-term EEG coding. Codes 95827, 95950, and 95951 will be deleted.

Answer 5: D. Tissue graft code 20926 will be deleted for 2020, but for 2019 services, preparation involved trimming the soft tissue graft as needed. Codes 15771-+15774 will be added in 2020 for grafting of fat harvested by liposuction technique and prepared with gentle centrifuging.

What About You?

How did you do? If you got four or five answers right, you’re in great shape for 2020. If you got two to three correct answers, consider brushing up on what’s new, especially for the changes that impact you most. And if you got one or none right, make sure you take extra care to read about the 2020 changes so you can apply the codes correctly on your claims.


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