The Medical Coding Certification Prep Course

The Medical Coding Certification Prep Course Will Prepare You For The AAPC CPC, CPC-H, CPC-P or the AHMIA CCS and CCS-P Exams!

Go! This product will help you get certified! So why not take the guess work out of your exam preparation and start preparing with a full length study course!

Not a small course that only brushes over topics, this course goes deep into every area you  need to know to get certified. OVER 100 HOURS OF STUDY MATERIAL AND SIX MONTH ACCESS!

Other Prep Courses with similar study material cost OVER $1,500. We want to help you get certified and avoid going broke in the process. We give you everything you need for a price you can afford!

You must Be Prepared and we can help!

Coding Certification Prep Course:

  • Presentation Type: Web Based & Course Book
  • Duration: 180 Days (6 Months)
  • Presentation Type: Web Based & Course Book
  • Study Time: 80 to 120 Hours
  • Op Reports: Over 120
  • Exam Questions: Over 700
  • Terms Defined: Over 1200
  • CPT Codes: Current Year and Previous Year

Course Objectives: To Learn The Following

ICD-10 Coding Objectives
Basic CPT Coding Concepts
CPT Modifiers
E & M Services
Respiratory System
Digestive System
Male / Female Urinary
Pathology/ Lab
Musculoskeletal System
Pain Management
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