Transcription Work From Home

Transcription Work From Home
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Tap Into The Booming Work From Home Industry. In Spite Of A Recession There Is Increasing Demand For Freelance Transcriptionists.

Multiple Streams Of Income –
Not Dependent On One Employer

As a transcription business owner, your income is not dependent on one single employer, unlike a ‘normal’ job. With a traditional job, one month you could be earning an income but if your employer decides they don’t need you any more, you have no income at all.
With a transcription business, you have multiple clients, so if one of them no longer needs your services, you simply replace them with another client.
If you’re wondering how much I charge for my services, my hourly rate is between $35 – $45 per hour. The costs of running this type of business are very low, which means I earn a very good income.

A Recession-Proof Business

So what happens in times of a recession? Is it still a good idea to become a work at home transcriptionist? The fact is, in spite of a recession, there are countless businesses that are still continuing to operate. Not only are they still operating, some are very successful indeed.
The media hardly ever mentions the numerous businesses that are growing and becoming even more successful during the recession. That’s because negative headlines are more newsworthy than positive ones.
There will always be a need for transcriptionists. It’s also more cost effective for companies to outsource this type of work rather than have it done in-house.
Freelance transcriptionists are proving to be a godsend in times like these and will continue to be after the economy improves.
In fact, you will find that there is plenty of work for you right now. As the economic climate continues to improve around the world, you’ll find that volume of work just continues to increase.
That means you can always find plenty of work to keep yourself busy and to keep money coming in.

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