Workbook for Step-by-Step Medical Coding, 2018 Edition, 1e

Practice your coding skills with this practical workbook! Corresponding to the chapters in Carol J. Buck’s bestselling Step-by-Step Medical Coding, this workbook offers coding review and practice with more than 1,200 theory, practical, and reporting questions (odd-numbered answers provided in appendix), including 100 original source documents to familiarize you with reports similar to those you will encounter on the job. It’s a complete review of all the code sets covered in the text!

  • UNIQUE! 100 real-world coding reports (cleared of all confidential information), provide experience with reports similar to those you will encounter in practice.
  • Theory exercises include fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, and true or false questions.
  • Practical exercises offer additional practice with line coding.
  • Coding answer format mirrors the main text (including “multiple codes needed” icons)
  • Answers to only the odd numbered questions are available in Appendix B to check your accuracy.

  • NEW! Updated content includes the latest coding information available.
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